Lesotho People Living With HIV and AIDS

Lesotho People Living With HIV and AIDS [LENEPWHA] is an organization that truly in every sense serves the purpose of being the voice of people living with HIV and AIDS in Lesotho.

We aim to inform our members, affiliates and any person interested in our work to receive news on issues affecting people living with HIV and AIDS in Lesotho; to raise awareness on access to HIV services; to promote, represent and protect the interests and needs of people living with HIV/AIDS; to give an insight into projects and activities we are currently engaged in and those on the pipe-line; to disseminate any information on any issues that affect the Basotho people especially those living with HIV and AIDS and to educate our nation on issues of HIV and AIDS.

We fight stigma and discrimination, to empower people living with HIV and to show that IT IS possible to live a healthy and positive life when living with HIV. This will be evidenced by inspiring true stories from our members in the community.

Treatment and Adherence

People living with HIV can live long and healthy lives with access to treatment. Since HIV was first reported substantial progress in the research and development of anti-retroviral drugs has been made.. Despite this, people with HIV face many barriers to accessing affordable, effective HIV treatment. LENEPWHA, through a number of projects aimed at ensuring that access to treatment is improved and that PLHIV stay on their treatment (adherence), has made a difference in many people’s lives of people who benefit from taking ARVs. We are currently implementing a project called positive prevention and dignity under which we use behaviour change strategies which try to¬† influence the change in the behaviour of PLHIV by encouraging them to test and stick to health seeking attitudes like always using a condom during sexual intercourse, sticking to one partner and so on.